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This book is based on the talks presented by a group of experts in Nice, on May 8, 9, 10, during the Nice Shoulder Course 2008. There is probably no other field in orthopaedic surgery where knowledge in anatomy, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment has expanded so greatly in the last 20 years. The diagnosis and treatment of patients with shoulder pathologies remain both challenging and exciting. Surgeons are now capable to perform true shoulder repairs and reconstructions using sophisticated implants (anatomical and non anatomical) as well as videosurgery for mini-invasive approaches.
There are, of course, many (maybe too many) different methods to treat shoulder lesions. Today, the problem that surgeons face is not a “lack of information”, but a real
“intoxication”, due to the explosion of techniques, instruments, implants and devices available for both arthroscopic and arthroplastic procedures. The orthopaedic surgeons who want to gap the bridge between traditional operations and newer approaches are often lost “deep in the jungle”. This is why the Nice Shoulder Course continues to be organized on a two-year basis.
The ambition of the Nice Shoulder Course, and therefore of this book, is to present the current state of knowledge and the latest concepts in both arthroscopic and arthroplastic shoulder surgery. There is no better way to find your way in the jungle than to follow “experimented guides”: these guides are world leaders in shoulder surgery who can make the difference between necessary and superfluous, between myths and facts.
I have been fortunate to assemble such a group of experimented guides, of whom many are close friends of mine. Their task has been to reveal to you the state of the art of shoulder arthroscopy and arthroplasty. All of them are international experts who have made major contributions to diagnosis, techniques, implant design and engineering principles in the shoulder. They all try to make shoulder pathology more understable and shoulder surgery more reproducible and more beneficial to patients. They have all
accepted to share their knowledge without any restriction to help you to make the right diagnosis for your patients, to understand why certain reconstructive shoulder procedures should be performed and some others should not and, finally how those procedures should be performed in a more reliable way.
Let me thank them for the efforts they have made and the time they took from their practices, and more importantly their families, to help you to find your way in the
jungle ! Let me thank you for joining us ! Let’s follow them ! Let’s begin our journey !

Pascal Boileau, MD
Nice, May 10 2008

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