Shoulder concepts arthroscopy, arthroplasty & fractures 2016

Pascal Boileau

Shoulder concepts arthroscopy, arthroplasty & fractures 2016


Nice Shoulder Course



It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to edit this publication concerning shoulder arthroscopy, arthroplasty and fractures – current concepts 2016. We are deeply grateful to the contributing authors for their manuscripts based on the papers delivered at the “Nice Shoulder Course” this year. 

The ambition of this book is to present the current state of knowledge and the latest concepts in shoulder arthroscopy, arthroplasty surgery and fracture treatment. Once again, we have been able to assemble a “dream team” of international shoulder experts who have accepted to share their knowledge and to debate some unsolved problems in the shoulder. They are presenting here the latest and most up-to-date thoughts and ideas, based on their large clinical experience and basic research. This is the “cream of the cream”! 

This book is also a unique opportunity for us to present and share what we do here in Nice, and what has been our intellectual and technical evolution in the last two years. Here, I want to thank my own team, and especially my assistants, fellows (from here and from all over the world!), and my clinical research assistants who have done a tremendous work. 

Our motivation for organizing such a course and editing this book has been to give surgeons a complete understanding of shoulder pathology and shoulder surgery with the hope that they will provide their patients with the best treatment and a reduced morbidity. This was what led us, almost 15 years ago, to propose this biannual shoulder course. 

Since then, many others have followed our traces, and now there are many “shoulder courses” all over the world. However, the Nice Shoulder Course has become a kind of an “Institution” that surgeons don’t want to miss as they have realized it’s the best way to stay updated! This year, more than 900 surgeons from 59 countries will attend the course. Many of them have become good friends throughout the years and it is always a pleasure to welcome them in Nice. 

We hope our efforts prove to be helpful for shoulder surgeons on all continents. 


Nice, May 21, 2016

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