Atlas of Ultrasound Fusion Imaging in Obstetrics - The fetal brain and placenta accreta

Stéphanie Franchi-Abella, Laurence Gitz, Jean-Marc Levaillant, Catherine Adamsbaum

Atlas of Ultrasound Fusion Imaging in Obstetrics - The fetal brain and placenta accreta


The real-time ultrasound images are displayed simultaneously with the reconstructed MRI view.

This atlas represents three years’ work in collaboration with the specialist application engineers. Today, two atlases are being presented, one in gynecology and the other in fetal imaging.

We have endeavored to produce small books that cover difficult subjects but are easy to use.

In gynecology : cervical and endometrial cancer.

In fetal pathology : the brain and placenta accreta.

Other topics will follow in 2016 :

• Ovarian masses and chronic endometriosis

• The fetal thorax and abdomen.

The advances in our understanding of these technical applications were accomplished by a multidisciplinary group.

Catherine Adamsbaum and Stéphanie Fanchi, pediatric radiologists at the Bicêtre Hospital in France, and Naima Chabi, radiologist at the Créteil Intercommunal Hospital Center, were our committed partners.

The dedicated gynecology and obstetrics teams at both the Bicêtre and Créteil hospitals enabled us to recruit eligible patients.

We also discovered that this technique was a powerful teaching tool for ultrasonographers, enabling them to refine their diagnostic precision in both MRI and ultrasound imaging.


These atlases have been realised thanks to Edwige Hurteloup, director of the Bicêtre 3D Ultrasound School, who undertook the assembly of the chapters with our texts and images.

We hope you will learn much from reading these atlases, in which we have honored the language of images.

Jean-Marc Levaillant et Laurence Gitz


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Date 19/09/2016
Taille 15 x 22
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ISBN 9791030300680