Nouveaux ouvrages collection Diagnostic Imaging

Sauramps Médical vous propose de découvrir les deux nouvelles parutions de la collection Diagnostic Imaging:

-Diagnostic Imaging interventional procedures, qui doit paraître le 15 Juin 2012

-Diagnostic imaging chest 2ème édition, paru le 15 Avril 2012


Diagnostic Imaging : Interventional procedures is the first Amirsys book focused on procedural guidance for interventional radiologists. Dr. Gregory Walker and his team of renowned radiologists provide fast-reading, bulleted instructions for over 100 common interventional procedures, including neuro, vascular and non-vascular interventions. This book features over 800 outstanding medical images that include not only CT, MR and US, but hundreds of pre-, intra-, and post-procedural photographs. All images are fully annotated to highlight the most important diagnostic information. Coupled with a companion eBook that includes expanded content and fully searchable text, this ground-breaking volume will become a valued go-to-resource for interventional radiologists, radiologists, and vascular surgeons. 

Diagnostic imaging : Chest, Second Edition, is the much-anticipated update to the bestselling first edition by Dr Melissa Rosado-de-Christenson and her large team of chest radiology experts. This new edition features an expanded section on infections, including discussion of various infections not included in the first edition. It also adds two new subsections to the chest imaging section. The first of these is an illustrated terminology section, which includes medical illustrations of important visual identifiers such as « honeycombing ». The second new subsection describes various radiographic and CT signs, such as the « finger-in-glove » sign. Also fresh in this edition is a new section devoted entirely to atelectasis, which features expanded discussion of this important topic. In all, this 980-page new edition features over 150 new chapters along with the time-saving bulleted text and stunning radiographic and medical illustrations that are hallmarks of the award-winning publications from Amirsys.