Difficult problems and complications at the forearm - FESSH 2012 Instructional Course Book

Frédéric Schuind, Olivier de Smet

Difficult problems and complications at the forearm - FESSH 2012 Instructional Course Book



The forearm is not a couple of two bones connecting the mobile elbow with the wrist/hand unit, the performing part of the upper limb. It is a real joint-system allowing to rotate the hand around a longitudinal axis, to better position the hand and to grasp objects. At each end a complex joint is present. Both bones have a well determinated anatomical special structure and both are connected with interosseous membrane of which the real function, pathology and treatment remain unrevealed. This is the framework of which this instructional course is dealing with. It is impossible to discuss the forearm without flirting with elbow and wrist joints. Both soft tissue and hardware problems, active and structural disorders, adults and children, congenital, acquired, degenerative, (post)traumatic pathology are discussed. It is obvious that the topic is incomplete. We have stressed on these problems which are specific to the forearm and not on those which involve the forearm as well as other joints. We are convinced that with this course a better understanding of this “forgotten” joint will be provided. All authors have a particular interest in the topic, have presented and published on his subject and their opinion is often the gold standard for a particular aspect of this subject. 

Luc De Smet MD PhD,  Frederic Schuind MD PHD 

Table of contents

Historical Considerations on the Anatomy and Surgery of the Forearm

A. Gohritz

Biomechanics of the forearm

F. Schuind

Functional Evaluation of the Distal Radioulnar Joint

N. Badur, M. Garcia-Elias

Arthroscopic assessment in ulnocarpal wrist pain

M. Haerle, J. Krapp

Forearm fractures in children

D. Eygendaal, E. Bianca

Missed monteggia fractures in children

I. Degreef, L. DeSmet

Management of Major Open Forearm Trauma (Subtotal and Total amputations)

E. Vögelin, F.M. Leclère

Compartment syndrome in the forearm

O. Barbier

Posttraumatic rotation deficit of the forearm, including synostosis

W. Vanhove, N. Hollevoet, L. Kegels

Forearm Malunions

A.V. Korompilias, D.A. Alaseirlis

Treatment of aseptic nonunions of the forearm

M. Ceruso, P. Bigazzi, M. Zucchini

Treatment of septic forearm nonunion

M. Innocenti, C. Baldrighi, B. Battiston, P. Tos

Free fibular transfer for complex forearm nonunions

F. DaRin deLorenzo

Applications of the free periosteal flap at the forearm

F. del Piñal

Instability of the Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint FESSH Instructional Course

D. Warwick

Radio-Ulnar Interposition Arthroplasty

Z.T. Kokkalis, G.A. Mazis, D.G. Sotereanos

Distal Radioulnar Joint Arthroplasty: Scheker Prosthesis

L.R. Scheker

The Herbert Ulnar Head Prosthesis®

Y. Baeten

Distal Radioulnar Partial Hemiarthroplasty: The Eclypse® pyrocarbon implant

M. Garcia-Elias

Radial head arthroplasty

I. Degreef

Treatment of Established Essex-Lopresti Lesions

M.T. Sabo, I.A. Trail

Difficult nerve problems at the elbow

P. Tos, S. Artiaco, P. Titolo, A. Poggetti, B. Battiston

Tendinosis about the elbow

R. van Riet

Forearm problems in obstetric brachial plexus palsy

J. Bahm, W. Elkazzi, F. Schuind

Restoration of Pronation and Supination in Upper Extremity Paralyses

T. Ozkan, S. Tuncer

Treatment options for the symptomatic Madelung deformity

F. Stockmans, M. P.J. Loonen, J. Vanhaecke, M. Dezillie, D. Oosterlinck

Congenital radio-ulnar synostosis and congenital forearm nonunions

X. Libouton, O. Barbier 

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